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Founded by Derek Goldingay, Co-Rec Soccer is for women and men who welcome the challenge of our style of soccer that encourages skill, strategy, and finesse over physical contact. The concept began in 1974 when Derek, as player / coach, founded the first men’s soccer team at the Evergreen State College and included women. In 1982, we authored soccer's first “Reckless-Play” rules, coined the word “Co-Rec” instead of co-ed, and opened for play as the first co-ed soccer league in the state, with four teams that we created from the ground up.

As the largest adult league in greater Seattle, we have since managed up to 448 co-ed, men's, and women's teams per season, four seasons of the year, for 34 years running ...

Our proofreading procedure has resulted in scheduling every team to the right field, at the right time, in all of our games (over 162,000) since 1982. Customized schedules are designed around each team’s specific requests. Co-Rec Soccer employs four full-time office staff and 45 referees. Our referee confirmation system gives them an excellent attendance record.

Each season consists of 10 traditional full-field, 11 a-side games, with 45-minute halves. Whether it's for the recreation and exercise, or to compete with other top players, one of our 50 divisions will suit your team - join us!


We never dreamed, in 1982, that our first class of nine women and men would grow into a co-ed soccer league, the first in the state, that encouraged players to compete under our Reckless-Play rules. Hundreds of teams and thousands of games later, we passed the 15O,OOOth game this spring, all without double-booking a single game!

Our scheduling program placed Gamaka (left, in orange) and Nuns and Monkeys (in blue) into our 15O,OOOth game. To celebrate, league founder Derek Goldingay and staff arrived at the field on Sunday, May 19 at 1:00pm, announced the milestone event, and presented the two surprised teams with six bottles each of sparkling wine for post-game parties.

We thank all of our teams that have participated over these last 31 years. Cheers!

Co-Rec Soccer Association, 140 Lakeside Ave. #A145, Seattle, WA 98122 / 206-329-1548  /